• Density Basket

Density Basket

(As per IS : 2386 – III)
Introduction Used for specific gravity and water absorption test of aggregate. The basket is used in conjunction with a suitable electronic balance, a specially designed robust frame to support the electronic balance and water tight container.

The Density basket is of 20cm dia x 20cm high fitted with galvanized wire mesh of 6.3mm with handle for suspending it from the balance.
Optional Accessories: The following accessories are not part of the standard supply and are supplied at an extra cost.
  • Electronic Balance capacity 5 kg x 0.5gm / 5 kg x 0.1 gm with under bench weighing facility.
  • Laboratory Oven.
  • Water tight container.
A specially designed frame with moving platform to carry the water container allowing the test specimens to be weighed in both air and water.